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Sygeforsikringen "danmark" is an association of 2.7 million members, helping each other when help is needed.

How to become a member

If you want to insure your health, join "danmark" today. Because the same tenet applies to health insurance as to all other forms of insurance: Get insurance cover before the damage is done.

Have you made a sound decision?

The basic rule is very simple: The sooner, the better. You must join in good time – that is, whilst you are in good health, not taking medication and under the age of 60. Once you are a member, it can become a lifelong relationship – because there is no expiry date on your membership.

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Are you unsure which cover to choose?

Please note that the test is in Danish.

Free membership for children

Children can be insured under the same cover as one of their parents – at no extra cost. The only conditions are that the parent must be a member of "danmark", have legal custody of the child and live at the same address. Until the age of 16, the child will have the same security as the parent.

Did you know...

...that you can become a member even if you already wear glasses or contact lenses or have a set of teeth that need extra care. If you take the birth control pill and receive no public subsidy, that does not prevent you from becoming a member of "danmark", though we give no reimbursement for the Pill or other forms of contraception.

Nor for bills for treatment prior to becoming a member.